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A Zen Expatriot

Hi there, I’m Kimberly Bernstein. It’s great to meet you. I got started with essential oils because, as a yoga instructor and social worker, I knew that the average person only uses about 25% of our lung capacity. I figured that if I could find a way to help my family breathe more, I could reduce the number of tantrums in my house, not all of which where my children’s. I wanted a safe and natural way to “flavor” our air so we would use more of it. I had done enough research to know that candles and plug-ins where not it.

I wanted to go natural with my cleaning and personal care, since I was beginning to make the link between processed foods and chemicals and our difficulty breathing and focusing and our gut health.  All I knew about natural cleaning was vinegar, and my husband was not a fan of  the smell of it. 😉 Can you relate?

When my friend Lindsey introduced me to these oils, I was a total skeptic. I don’t even have a sense of smell so I couldn’t imagine what they would be useful for. I certainly wasn’t going to share them. In a few short months, we were having so much success, and so much fun, using the oils and products in our home. I knew I had to overcome my self-doubt and share them. I knew that if I could get past my excuses this would be the way I could help others and also help my family out of a challenging financial situation. Over the past five years sharing both a  non-toxic lifestyle and a route to financial freedom have been so incredibly rewarding.

We are truly living our dreams. Because of Young Living my husband was able to retire from his corporate job and our family is beginning our journey as expatriates living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I truly believe we were all made for more  and that this life is about making decisions that will get us what we want MOST, instead of what we want right now. Nothing would make me happier than to meet you where you are and help you use and love your oils, and share them if you want!

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