South Africa

Upcoming events

Cape Town

Aug 7: The Do’s and Don’t’s of What to Put on Your Skin by Dermatologist Vanessa Lapiner – get your tickets here

Aug 8: Kick Toxins to the Curb – get your tickets here


Aug 6: Wavery, Joburg – The 411 on Essential Oils – RSVP to Andy at 0728252805.

Bringing Wellness to South Africa

The Oily Angels is a wellness community of over 70,000 members worldwide who believe in natural wellness solutions. For the last year we have been bringing wellness to South Africa and now have a thriving community locally all over South Africa. We have someone near you who can help you on your journey and tons of resources to support along the way. With us it’s about ensuring you learn learn learn and are able to use essential oils safely on your entire family.

Dealing with stress and lack of sleep or always getting sick? Our environment is unfortunately all to often filled with toxins…chemicals, heavy metals, mold, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, synthetic fragrances, even toxic emotions.

Want to learn how to help your body deal with these and avoid them in the future? Want to have strong immune systems to fight off all that comes your family’s way…naturally, safely and effectively?

I want to learn!

We are so excited to be hosting a variety of educational classes & workshops throughout South Africa on an ongoing basis.

Join us to learn: what toxins are lurking in everyday household items you likely use and how they impact your health, what essential oils are, how to choose and get access to top quality oils and blends, how to use them in your home and businesses, and how to tap into our supportive community to confidently start using them right away. It’s so simple, even my kids do it (my toddler begs for the oil that helps his teeth feel better)! We simply cannot wait to support you!

Here’s how to get the dates and times of our upcoming classes…

Send a message by WhatsApp to us

📍 +15128797069
Plus : “I WANT TO LEARN. (Your name)”.

And we will update you on the upcoming classes in your area you can attend! Easy Peasy!


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